Tony Award winner Gavin Creel stops by to chat about Broadway, songwriting and everything in between

Join Kelli and Anne for their 11th LIVE episode!

The ladies recap their week beginning with seeing Mean Girls on Broadway and loving it, Anne's long time obsession with Dan Finnerty and The Dan Band and seeing his new show Little Orphan Danny and adoring it, their 1st kiss 8 yr anniversary (cue the eye roll from Romaine), April Fools Day posts on Facebook that completely fooled Kelli and Anne's upcoming concerts in LA on April 8th and San Diego on April 12th. Go to for ticket details. Finally they rave about seeing Pink at Madison Square Garden the night before the podcast and how she was totally life changing and her Beautiful Trauma tour is NOT to be missed!

Special guest and good friend Gavin Creel, who won a Tony Award for his role in Hello Dolly last year, chats about writing the song Noise with his writing partner Robbie Roth and his role as an activist. He also talks about his love for R Family Vacations trips, many of which he performed on, and how the experience truly changed his life. He also tells Kelli and Anne what it was like to work with Bette Midler in Hello Dolly and about what is next with his songwriting. Go to for more info and download all of his music on iTunes, including the inspiring single Noise.

As always, they end with a specialty cocktail from Equality Vodka, because they are always cocktailing for a cause. This week, in honor of Gavin's Tony Award winning performance in Hello Dolly, they are serving up The Hello Peachy.

Anne Steele