Alec Mapa stops by to chat about acting, comedy and family

Join Kelli and Anne for their 12th NEW episode!

This week they talk about their 23 and me reports coming back (#sniffapickle), their all time favorite concerts, technology and aging, and trying to "go green" in their home.

Special guest Alec Mapa calls in from LA to chat with the ladies about balancing career and family. He dishes about his favorite roles and TV shows he has been a part of and also shares about how he, his husband Jaime and their son Zion, have truly built a family of friends with R Family Vacations. He also discusses how he turned his family's story into a TV Special called Baby Daddy.  Go to to download the special.

As always they end with a specialty cocktail from Equality Vodka, because they are always cocktailing for a cause! This week they are serving up The Pomtini.

Anne Steele