Branden & James, powerhouse cello & vocal duo, talk about touring, marriage & what's coming next!

Join Kelli and Anne for their 60th LIVE episode!

They begin this episode by talking about Anne having the flu, their epic trip on the Star Clipper to St Martin, St Kitts & St Barths. 

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Their Special Guests this week are the powerhouse cello and vocal duo, Branden & James. They are incredible musicians AND they are married… TO EACH OTHER! Hear all about how their careers stared as individual musicians, how they met & became a duo, fell in love, got married, and now tour the world together! They have so many exciting things coming up! Hear all about it on today and follow them at

As always, they end with a cocktail from Equality Vodka.  This week, in honor of Branden & James, they are serving The Sweet note!

Anne Steele