PRIDE Episode with Courtney Knowles from Love Is Louder

Join Kelli & Anne for their 22nd NEW episode.

In honor of Pride month, they dedicated this entire episode to showing their Pride. First they talk about what pride means to them, then the first time each of them marched and when they have marched together and finally, the difference between activism and celebration.

Anne also talks about the last 9 days in her kickstarter campaign and asks for help in supporting her new EP. For details about backing her campaign... Anne Steele Kickstarter

They are joined by special guest Courtney Knowles, the co-founder of Love Is Louder. He talks about his friendship and partnership with actress Brittany Snow and how the movement they created has grown to help end bullying and support struggling youth. Hear all the exciting things coming up for Love Is Louder and how to get involved at

As always, they end with a specialty cocktail from Equality Vodka. In honor of Pride, they are serving up The Be Bold!

Anne Steele