Entrepreneur Dawn Lafreeda talks Denny's & Elevator Pitch

Join Kelli and Anne for their 19th NEW episode

Today they talk about their new obsession Date Box. Hear all about this new trend in dating. Next they reveal all of their favorite travel trinkets and how much they love to journal about their travels. Finally Anne brings up her obsession with the Shazaam app.

They are joined by special guest Dawn Lafreeda, President and CEO of Den-Tex Central and owner of 82 Denny's across the country. Hear how she went from waitress to the largest single-owner franchisee within Denny's corporate and one of the largest female restaurant franchisee's in all of America. She also talks about being on Entrepreneur's Elevator Pitch, having just finishing shooting Season 2. She also speaks about her love for her family, partner Lupita and their twin boys, and how much their trips with R Family Vacations means to all of them. Find out more about what Dawn has going on at... www.Entrepreneur.com www.Dennys.com and follow Dawn on twitter at @DawnLafreeda 

As always, they end with a specialty cocktail by Equality Vodka. In honor of Dawn, they are serving up The Boss.

Anne Steele