Gregory Lewis, Exec Director & CEO The True Colors Fund, talks about working with Cyndi Lauper to end LGBTQ youth homelessness

Join Kelli & Anne for their 16th LIVE episode!

Today they recap their week, beginning with going on the NCL Bliss Inagural Cruise.  Hear all the exciting new things this ship offers including go-carts on the top of the ship and laser tag...not to mention incredible new dining options and specialty bars. Next they talk about the annual family fishing trip in Louisiana with all the men in the family and how much it means to their son every year. Then hear about their daughter's cheerleader tryouts this week. Finally Anne talks about her upcoming concert in Dallas on 5/12 at The Rose Room.  For tickets go to 

They are joined by special guest Gregory Lewis, Executive Director and CEO of The True Colors Fund, co-founded by Cyndi Lauper. He talks about celebrating their 10 year anniversary, all the hardwork it has taken to get here, and all the exciting things coming up for them. Find out how to support and learn more about what YOU can do at 

As always, they end with a specialty cocktail from Equality Vodka, because they are always cocktailing for a cause. In honor of all the amazing work that Gregory and Cyndi and doing every day, they are serving up The True Colors!

Anne Steele