Marty Thomas chats Broadway, Star Search and new music on the way!

Join Kelli and Anne for their 14th NEW Episode!

This week they talk about getting glasses after 40 and how now everyone thinks they are sisters, getting creative with recipes and recipe books, the family piano and where it came from and finally Anne's upcoming concert in Dallas on May 12th at The Rose Room. Go to for tickets.

Special guest and good friend Marty Thomas stops by to chat about all things music. First he shares stories about how he went from small town Missouri to Broadway by age 11 and then competing and winning Junior Star Search (beating out Britney Spears btw!). Then on to more Broadway, creating his DIVAS show and now NEW music on the way! He will also be joining R Family Vacations as an Entertainer and Theater Camp Instructor at their friends and family trip this summer at Club Med Sandpiper!  For more info on Marty go to 

As always, they end with a specialty cocktail from Equality Vodka, because they are always cocktailing for a cause.  This week, in honor of Marty and his kickass voice, they are serving up The Cran Jam.

Anne Steele