Our podcast is moving to a subscriber based format. If you want to hear the episodes starting LIVE on Thursdays you MUST subscribe for ONLY $6.95/month.  Not only can you listen LIVE and over the weekend at your convenience, but you will be supporting this podcast in a whole new way. We have been doing #ilovemywife for well over a year now and its time that we grow the brand. NOT only will you get all of our content, you will also be able to stream over 120 hours of additional shows from DNR Studios for FREE on the website. 

In order to start receiving support for the podcast, we need at least 20 people to subscribe then we will start receiving financial support for our work.  And it is only $6.95 per month for a subscription.  That is cheaper than a glass of wine or a venti Starbucks.  So if you could consider subscribing, it would mean so much to just keep growing and expanding.  

Here’s what you do….

1. Go to

2. Go to the shows tab and select #ILOVEMYWIFE

3. Scroll to the bottom of the page and click on LISTEN NOW

4. Sign up for an account to listen to us LIVE or any time at your convenience. You will also receive an additional 120 hours of programming with your subscription. 


1. Go to and go to PLAY tab on your computer

2. Select live player and go to channel 11

3. If you want to listen on your mobile device, click on ACCOUNT tab on your mobile device, scroll down to your private URL and click through and it will load into PODCAST app on your smart phone.

We also will still archive our podcast so that you can catch up if you are behind or if you want to binge our show because you love it so much! We will have it on most podcast apps including iTunes, Spotify, Soundcloud, etc The show will appear in these archive locations starting Sundays at 12pm EST. So, if you decide NOT to subscribe (but why?) you can still catch up later in the week. For iTunes, click here

Most of all, we want you to FIND us and LISTEN & SUPPORT!!

xoxo Anne & Kelli